Monday, 9 August 2010

50 words or less

It's difficult starting a new venture from scratch. Well I think it is because where do you actually start? If you start with nothing will anyone be interested because, well because, there is nothing to be interested in. So if nothing isn't enough how far up the scale do you have to go before you wave your hand in the air and say "Hello, here I am!"? I decided, after asking a few people in the know, to use the well known scientific method of licking my finger and holding it in the air. I'm not sure how this was actually supposed to help and it did nothing apart from stopping two taxi's and the 21C bus. So instead of poking it around in the air stopping traffic I poked the enter button on the PC and published the website on the internet.

So here we are! Luckily the idea was to publish and start slowly.

The idea of the website is to give authors a platform where they can promote themselves and their books. Where readers can come and get an insight into the authors and maybe a bit of interaction. And where hopefully I can sell a few books!

The starting point is 50 words or less where authors give a teaser of their book in 50 words or less which hopefully will encourage the reader to click on the link to find out more and buy the book. DJ KirkbyCaroline Smailes and Nicola Morgan have been kind enough to describe one of their books in 50 words or less and ladies I thank you very much for that. If you haven't had a read of their contributions please pop over and take a look, it's well worth a visit. Interest is starting to pick up a little now and I have another very popular author waiting in the wings with their 50 words worth ready to be unleashed later in the week. But there is always room for more! If you want to promote your book in 50... (you get the picture by now) drop me a line and I'll get it set up and if you don't please tell your friends because they might.

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